About Us

Virtual Power Systems was founded to drive innovation at the intersection of software and hardware with the single purpose of enabling the fourth pillar of a Software Defined Data Center – virtualized power. VPS has created innovative designs and forged critical industry partnerships to revolutionize the way power is consumed in the data center. 

By bringing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to an infrastructure space that was traditionally viewed as a pure hardware play, we enable both data center operators and power equipment vendors to leverage Software-Defined Power to increase capacity, ensure availability, and enable automation. You are now ready to tackle the insatiable power-hungry world we are moving towards.

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Our Executive Team

Dean Nelson

Dean Nelson

Chief Executive Officer

Karimulla Shaikh

Karimulla Shaikh

Chief Technology Officer

Mark Adams

Mark Adams

Chief Business Officer

Spencer Viernes

Spencer Viernes


Sanjay Jain

Sanjay Jain

SVP of Finance & Corp Dev

Board of Directors


Chairman of the Board, Virtual Power Systems


Chief Executive Officer, Virtual Power Systems


Executive Chairman at Orbital Energy Group

Dave Johnson

Former CEO, APC by Schneider Electric


Co-Founder and CEO, Energy Harbors Corporation

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