Optimize your Data Center

Data centers with traditional rack power facilities, module expansions, and upgrades can be limited by power provisioning. This results in energy waste and potential interruption of services in the data center. 

To provide a true hyper-scalable data center, rack power must be able to scale dynamically along with other resources without excessive over-provisioning or expensive and disruptive power supply upgrades.

The ICE Platform is vendor and technology agnostic, being flexible to accomplish data center needs. 

VPS does an initial assessment for each client in order to identify the problems and potential solutions utilizing the ICE Platform. After this assessment, VPS identifies which mechanisms can be applied to ensure that power limits will be met and properly managed by utilizing a set of available mechanisms in the software – and remember – new software mechanisms can be added on the fly based on new and unique use cases.

Are you ready to benefit from Software Defined Power?

VPS can help you understand the various sources of stranded power in your facility and prepare a proposal to reduce CapEx and OpEx, based on your business model and current operation.

During our discovery process, we will determine if one of the existing ICE mechanisms can be leveraged to your benefit or if we need to develop a new mechanism for your specific situation.


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