Data Center Optimization with ICE


VPS’ ICE software platform consists of multiple layers specifically designed for connection to other software and hardware through a set of standard APIs, protocols, and plug-ins. This enables VPS to quickly develop new “plug ins” or “mechanisms” to solve new and unique use cases for clients.


One of the greatest strengths of the ICE platform is its versatility. VPS has the capability to adapt to the specific data center topology
and its limitations to develop different ICE mechanisms.
ICE provides data center operators this ability by intelligent visibility and control automation. Operators can deploy ICE to instantly
unlock previously unusable power capacity. They can do this without the extensive project management resources and timelines that
making additional power capacity available would have required.


  • Support more circuits or IT workload within existing infrastructure → Large increase in topline, most of which flows to your bottom line.
  • Offer greater visibility and control to your customers → Stickier relationships, better value, and choice for customers.
  • Lower CAPEX by new build-out avoidance.
  • Lower OPEX by implementing more automated and efficient operations.


  • Instant availability of additional power → Avoid extended
    project management.
  • Dynamically provision IT.
  • Reduce Capex by improved power utilization, on both
    power supply and server side.
  • Better visibility & automation → Less skill-intense & error-
    prone operation management.
  • Flexible and Efficient Management of own and hybrid data
    center operations, hybrid power and system racks.
  • Reduce OPEX through lower maintenance and power bills.

Are you ready to benefit from Software Defined Power?

VPS can help you understand the various sources of stranded power in your facility and prepare a proposal to reduce CapEx and OpEx, based on your business model and current operation.

During our discovery process, we will determine if one of the existing ICE mechanisms can be leveraged to your benefit or if we need to develop a new mechanism for your specific situation.


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