ICE Power Bursting

Increase IT workload capacity, while protecting circuits

below the UPS level in real-time with energy injection

ICE Power Bursting is a mechanism that creates new capacity in an underutilized data center. In addition, it also alleviates the risk of high utilization through energy injection within the infrastructure to prevent IT workloads from reaching circuit breaker limits causing them to trip.

Increase Data Center Capacity

Most data centers operate at a utilization level that is well below their allocated power. Sometimes, operators run their facilities at a 30% – 40% utilization of their allocated power in order to maintain buffer capacity. 

Often times, this is done through the fear of exceeding the physical limitations at various points within their infrastructure. While this method is considered a best practice in the old standards, it is highly inefficient in terms of power utilization. 

Without ICE

With ICE

With ICE Power Bursting, data centers can increase their power allocation, free up their locked capacity, and introduce new IT workloads safely, while maintaining their buffers by using real-time energy injection from stored energy.

Additional power draw through increased utilization can be safely mitigated. Now data center operators can always be ready for the unknown.

Advanced Circuit Protection

In data centers that already have high utilization, operators often worry about their tenant power profiles creeping up to unsafe circuit breaker levels. They have to be hyper-vigilant to address the situation when it arises.

Generally, data center operators move some tenants to other circuits to alleviate this problem. However, this process is time-consuming, expensive, and may require some unwanted downtime. Hence, delaying it is in the best economical interest but it comes at the risk of exceeding the rated circuit capacities.

Without ICE

With ICE

By using energy injection from stored energy to handle utilization fluctuations beyond the power allocation limits, ICE Power Bursting helps protect the circuit breakers from a trip. ICE Power Bursting gives data center operators peace of mind, allowing them to focus on long-term solutions.

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