ICE Power Capacity Manager


VPS’ Power Capacity Manager is a transformative solution for the colocation industry. It enables Power Capacity Trading to monetize stranded power while maintaining and protecting data center SLAs.

The ICE Platform Mechanism ICE Power Capacity Manager has been developed to provide value for Colocation providers. There are two specific cases developed:

1. Colocation customers that are subscribed to a certain amount of power (usually values that reflect peaks and not the normal power use): ICE Platform enables the Colocation users to re-sell the power that is not being used during non-peak times.

2. Colocation customers will be able to use more power than the value specified in their SLA. The ICE Platform allows Colocation providers to utilize more of their power capacity and automatically manage power once the power infrastructure capacity is about to be surpassed or when it is surpassed. Back-up batteries and Node Capping are used before the hard constraint is reached. 

ICE Power Capacity Manager ensures that the power infrastructure capacity is never breached. 

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