ICE Power

Peak Shaving

Power distribution capability that elasticizes the power within the data center by pooling stranded power and allows that power to be allocated in other areas of the data center.

Currently, data center power feed capacity is determined based on the highest peaks of power consumption. To ensure reliability, a safety buffer is added over the high peak value.

ICE Power Peak Shaving was developed to unlock the unused capacity for IT use. It works on the simple, yet elegant idea of using the stored energy in the form of batteries to eliminate the peak draw from infrastructure and, hence, unlock the capacity for IT use.

Power Peak Shaving Demo

Optimize power utilization by mitigating buffers with source mixing.
  • Continuously analyzes power consumption across data center
  • Considers charge levels from all energy storage devices in the topology. (Improves battery lifetime)
  • Distributes peak shaving responsibilities across batteries for maximum overall benefit
  • Handles missing data seamlessly to ensure operation even in periods of short disconnect