Software Defined Power


Our industry breakthrough Software Defined Power (SDP) strategy identifies, aggregates and pools all sources of stranded power in the data center.

SDP makes power available to any rack, node, workload or circuit on demand in real time, automatically, using machine learning and predictive algorithms.

VPS is the last pillar of the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), providing the same kind of technology, CAPEX, and OPEX benefits for power that VMware did for servers, storage, and network virtualization.


To deploy the SDP strategy for our clients, VPS has developed the ICE ® (Intelligent Control of Energy®) Platform. The ICE Platform collects data from data center devices in real-time, making changes to the devices’ operation based on machine learning algorithms that optimize power utilization. With automatic and real-time insights into data center operations, ICE also automates and often eliminates manual and skill-intensive activities while improving operational reliability and flexibility.

How Software Defined Power® Works

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