ICE Compatibility


The VPS software platform consists of multiple layers specifically designed for connection to other software and hardware through a set of standard APIs, protocols, and plug-ins.

This enables VPS to quickly develop new “plug-ins” or “mechanisms” to solve new and unique use cases for clients. Because of our software platform architecture, we can also create custom mechanisms and or custom hardware integrations in a matter of weeks.

The ICE Platform can be integrated with the data centers’ existing hardware. There are three categories of hardware:

  1. Power sensors
  2. Devices that monitor power and can augment utility power with local batteries
  3. Switches that monitor and control the power flow

To verify that the requirements for the ICE Platform are met, VPS analyses functionalities of the existing hardware. Some of the key requirements are exemplified:

List of ICE-compatible devices

VPS has worked with several hardware providers to test the deployment of the ICE Platform with their hardware. The compatibility has been tested successfully with the following brands:

    ICE Compatible Devices

    Enhanced firmware to execute intelligent power delivery policies under supervision of ICE Server 

    ICE Data Collection Devices

    ICE Server collects granular data at rapid intervals from power components in the data center.

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