ICE Platform Security and Reliability

VPS has designed security into every layer of the software defined platform but from the bottoms. We understand that security, as it relates to power, cannot be an afterthought.

ICE Platform reliability is based on the following components:

  • Global awareness for local decision making. Devices don’t need to implement complicated business logic, they just need the policy interpreter.

  • Devices monitor the state of connectivity to the ICE Platform and ICE provides the devices with different actions based on that state.

  • The ICE Platform can define actions that are not executed immediately, and based on a device timer the system has an opportunity to cancel any action (or not) in case the data center condition changes.

  • The ICE Platform provides a combination of scenarios based on its predictions to account for a variety of situations in case the device loses connection with ICE so it knows what to do if Datacenter condition changes.

To prevent infrastructure intrusion VPS has the following focal points:


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