IDC’s Vision for Software Defined Power Is Spot On – and Virtual Power Systems Has It Today! See it in Action with a SAP HANA Workload

In a recent article from ACM ( ), writer Colin Johnson and IDC Analyst Jennifer Cooke highlight that the last pillar of the software defined data center (SDDC) is about to be virtualized with “software defined power” ( . In fact, it has to, with power consumption by data centers increasing from 30 billion kWh in 2000 to 200 billion kWh in 2020!

At VPS, we could not agree more, as do our clients. What’s even better, we have SDP up and running today. In the race for efficiency, power is the last holdout. Layers upon layers of redundancy as well as trapped and stranded resources simply are being wasted due to archaic ways of thinking. We have a new approach, called ICE – Intelligent Control of Energy – that virtualizes the power control plane for the first time ever.

Sometimes, the way you think about a problem, is the problem. At VPS, we thought about it differently. Let us show you how Software Defined Power can work for you with these operational videos and example use cases:

Click here to see a demo of ICE Peak Shaving.

Click here to see a demo on Dynamic Power.

Example Use Cases for Software Defined Power

  • ICE Peak Shaving – in rack and end-of-row – lowering rack power draw up to 50%
  • Dynamic Power: Increase rack density (workloads) up to 60% on your existing power infrastructure.
  • Recapture 20% to 40% of existing power for re-use.
  • Phase Balancing in real-time through AI.
  • Power Aware & SLA Aware Workload orchestration with VMware and other virtualization technologies.

In summary, our industry breakthrough SDP platform identifies, aggregates and pools all sources of stranded power in the data center, and makes it available to any rack, node, workload or circuit on demand in real time, automatically, using artificial intelligence (AI).

The future of power is already here. Are you open to it?