The open hardware ecosystem takes center stage next week at the 2019 Open Compute Project (OCP) Global Summit in San Jose, Calif. Technology innovators and data center decision makers are coming together to grow, drive and support the continued development of open hardware in, near and around data centers.

We look forward to showcasing the ever-increasing role of Software Defined Power (SDP) to improve distributed power management in hyperscale and large data center environments. SDP is the first intelligent software control plane to optimize the distribution and consumption of power, which is a scarce and expensive resource in modern data centers.

With SDP, Virtual Power Systems is revolutionizing data center economics and delivering the final pillar of Software Defined Data Centers. At OCP, VPS will demonstrate how its unique Intelligent Control of Energy (ICE) platform identifies, aggregates and pools sources of stranded power while making it available to power infrastructure, such as rack-scale power shelves developed by Artesyn Embedded Technologies.

Highlights of VPS’ collaboration with Artesyn will be on display at Artesyn’s OCP Booth D7, where we’ll share how to boost power infrastructure utilization by taking advantage of SDP capabilities, such as power peak shaving, phase balancing and dynamic redundancy. Experts will be on hand to offer insights into a recently published white paper that discusses how a software-addressable power shelf coupled with intelligent software can improve data center efficiency while adding capacity and increasing revenue.

VPS and Artesyn share a commitment to driving widespread adoption of multi-vendor interoperability standards, which will be a major focus of OCP ’19. A recent sneak peek into a report from the OCP Foundation on the burgeoning ecosystem for OCP-certified data center gear reflects ongoing market momentum.

According to pre-show details released by the foundation, growth for OCP-certified equipment is outpacing expectations. A recent article in Data Center Dynamics cited research by IHS Markit revealing that OCP hardware and software were responsible for at least $2.56 billion in revenue last year. As the market for open infrastructure matures, there will be accelerated demand for software-driven solutions that increase efficiency while lowering costs.

Companies across the OCP ecosystem are investing in new ways to streamline power management and utilization, which is why the time is right to consider how SDP can boost energy utilization and data center revenue.

Come see us at OCP—we’re eager to show how Artesyn and VPS are ready to put a spotlight on SDP to boost workload reliability well beyond what can be accomplished currently with just storage, memory and compute. Drop me a line to learn more at