AI and Machine Learning Optimize Power by Workload, Rack, Row, and Data Center

Milpitas, Calif. – December 4, 2019 – Virtual Power Systems (VPS), creator of Software-Defined Power® (SDP), together with the SAP® Co-Innovation Lab, have released a joint white paper about how to “Improve Power Utilization of SAP HANA® with Software-Defined Power.” VPS enables data center operators and tenants within colocation facilities to leverage Software-Defined Power to optimize their power usage and reduce monthly power operating costs.


The growing demand for data centers to lower their carbon footprint requires smarter allocation and provisioning of power. This white paper focuses on the key role that SDP, specifically, VPS’s Intelligent Control of Energy® (ICE) platform, can play in enabling data center operators to move from typical power utilization below 30 percent to upwards of 60 percent in a 2N power topology data center without affecting the reliability or uptime of the existing infrastructure.


The SAP Co-Innovation Lab is a global network of co-innovated solutions from various companies. During the month-long exercise of the ICE platform in the SAP Co-Innovation Lab in Silicon Valley, VPS showcased several use cases that enhanced SAP HANA operations. In the first use case, the ICE platform allowed SAP HANA to use more power as data processing surged while maintaining a flat power profile by shaving off excess power spikes as a peak-shaving event. This is especially advantageous in a large deployment as it prevents the Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) from being activated when such circumstances occur. The second use case demonstrated how the ICE platform can support SAP HANA in the event of a power feed loss while in the middle of an in-memory transfer as it writes to long-term storage disk arrays. ICE provided stored energy to support the transfer process without interruption and initiated the automated process to orchestrate the migration of workload from one server to another. This provides operators with a high availability solution to keep applications running without sacrificing resiliency.


“Today’s data center operators are looking for more automated solutions that will reduce capex costs and energy footprint all while maintaining high nines of uptime,” said Steve Houck, CEO of Virtual Power Systems. “Our work with SAP is yet another validation of how our Software-Defined Power ICE platform can help operators have the leanest and most energy-efficient data centers controlled with intelligent automated software.”


“VPS is proud to be a part of this collaborative innovation experience,” commented Jojo Gregorio, Director of Solutions and Customer Success for Virtual Power Systems. “SAP has supported our goals and ensured our time in the lab was successful. With their global reach, The SAP Co-Innovation Lab will help spread the word of the many benefits of software-defined power using VPS’ Intelligent Control of Energy platform.”



The whitepaper focuses on key technical features of the ICE platform, including:


  • Data collection from SAP HANA – ICE defines the power profile and helps the data center reduce stranded power to increase overall power utilization over time.


  • Power allocation –Improves allocation based on power consumption predictions.


  • Power assurance – Using machine learning, ICE can learn the power profiles of each SAP HANA deployment over time and assign the appropriate power limits for peak-shaving.


  • Power-aware workload orchestration – ICE plays an important role in allowing data centers that have virtualized workloads (containers and virtual machines) to use ICE to increase power distribution utilization and improve the uptime of applications using machine learning.

The VPS/SAP white paper and the SAP Co-Innovation Lab video are available now for download.

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