Natron Energy Partners with VPS and CE+T to Introduce New Power Platform

Team addresses data center and telecom requirements for UL & NFPA compliant rack, row, aisle power capacity on demand

RUN, DON'T TRIP! What if you could inject energy in real-time to protect breakers in your data center?

Enable Power Bursting south of the UPS to protect circuits at the RPP, PDU or Busway. ICE Block hardware enables energy injection orchestrated by software to unlock stranded power in your data center

Virtual Power Systems

Unlocks Stranded Power Capacity in Data Centers


Who We Are


VPS is a hardware-enabled software company that provides an Intelligent Control of Energy (ICE) platform that unlocks stranded power capacity in data centers.

What We Do


The VPS platform enables software-defined power (SDP) through machine learning and AI to monitor, predict and orchestrate dynamic power policies across power infrastructure components. When SDP is applied to colocation environments it enables providers to increase utilization of built power capacity resulting in lower $/kW and increase margins. SDP enables colocation providers to safely increase/oversubscribe power allocation while maintaining, and in many cases increasing data center uptime for customer SLA’s

Lower Cost

Avoid CapEx and reduce OpEx by fully utilizing existing power infrastructure.


Increase Power Utilization

Unlock stranded power, eliminating the need to over-provision power capacity while protecting workloads.

Assure Uptime

Using machine learning and AI to dynamically inject energy to protect workloads

Technology Alliance Partners

Virtual Power Systems is proud to be working with the following partners:

Virtual Power Systems

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